For official brief descriptions of courses and scheduled instructors, please consult the official Dartmouth Course Descriptions and Requirements published by the Office of the Registrar.  For detailed information about the terms and times that courses will be offered, the most reliable source is the Timetable of Class Meetings on the Registrar's site.


ARTH 4: Introduction to World Architecture - CamerlenghiTeriba (11)
ARTH 7.02: First-Year Seminars: Paris in the 19th Century - O'Rourke (2)
ARTH 20.04: Faith and Empire: Art in the Early Modern World - Mattison (2A)
ARTH 26.01: FSP: The History of Art in Rome - Cohen
ARTH 26.02: FSP: Early Modern Architecture in Rome - Cohen
ARTH 26.03: FSP: The Language and Culture of Rome - Cohen
ARTH 38.04: Food & Art: A Global History - Camerlenghi (12)
ARTH 40.05 x LATS 012: Print the Revolution: Latinx Art and Activism - Coffey (12)
ARTH 41.01: Modernism and Modernity: Art in late nineteenth-century France - Hornstein (10) 
ARTH 62.30 x ASCL 62.12: Japanese Prints - Hockley (10)
ARTH 63.72: Aesthetics of the Digital - Elias (10A)
ARTH 83.06: Advanced Seminar: Art and Life! Avant-garde techniques, 1890-1970 - Hornstein (3A)
ASCL 62.03 x ARTH 34.02: Chinese Painting - Liu (10A)
MES 12.16 x ARTH 42.02: Post-War Art from the Middle East: The Case of the Lebanese Civil War - Majdalanie, Mroue (10A)

Fall 2023

ARTH 1: Bodies and Buildings: Introduction to the History of Art in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages - CohenKangas
ARTH 11.01: Art in Ancient Greece: Temples, Gods, Heroes - Cohen
ARTH 17.06: The Arts of the Middle Ages - Camerlenghi
ARTH 28.10: Fashion in Art: Dress, Identity, and Power - O'Rourke
ARTH 40.01: American Art and Identity - Coffey
ARTH 40.03 x LACS 78: Twentieth Century Art from Latin America - Coffey
ARTH 47.05: A Mirror Image: Self, Place & Home in Contemporary Architecture - Teriba
ARTH 62.71 x MES 18.03: Islamic Architecture - Camerlenghi
ARTH 89.06: Theory & Methods - Teriba