For official brief descriptions of courses and scheduled instructors, please consult the official Dartmouth Course Descriptions and Requirements published by the Office of the Registrar.  For detailed information about the terms and times that courses will be offered, the most reliable source is the Timetable of Class Meetings on the Registrar's site.

Spring 2021

ARTH 7.02: Art History First-Year Seminars - Paris in the 19th Century - O'Rourke (BL)
ARTH 12.01: Roman Art - Kangas (E)
ARTH 27.01: The Ideal City - Kassler-Taub (K)
ARTH 27.02: Living Stone: Sculpture in Renaissance and Baroque Italy - Kassler-Taub (J)
ARTH 28.06: European Art in the Age of Revolution (1750-1850) - Hornstein (C)
ARTH 40.02: The American Century: Modern Art in the United States - Coffey (D)
ARTH 47.03: Contemporary Architecture - Heck (F)
ARTH 62.30 x- ASCL 62.12:Japanese Prints - Hockley(C)
ARTH 62.81 x- ASCL 62.13: Women, Gender, and Art in East Asia - Kim (J)

Fall 2021

ARTH 1: Bodies and Buildings: Introduction to the History of Art in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages - Cohen/Kangas (11)
ARTH 11.02: Alexander to Cleopatra: Art in an Unsettled World - Cohen (10A)
ARTH 27.03: Building Boom: Architecture and Urbanism in Early Modern Italy - Kassler-Taub (11)
ARTH 28.01: The Global Renaissance - Kassler-Taub(2)
ARTH 32.21 x ASCL 62.10: Sacred Art and Architecture of Japan - Hockley
ARTH 38.03 x ASCL 70.02: East Meets West - Kim 
ARTH 41.02: Twentieth-Century Art in Europe, 1900-1945 - Hornstein (10)
ARTH 89.02: Senior Seminar in Art Historical Theory and Method - Hornstein (10A)

Winter 2022

ARTH 5: Introduction to Contemporary Art - Coffey/Elias (11)
ARTH 7: First-Year Seminar - Kangas (10A)
ARTH 12.01: Roman Art - Cohen (12)
ARTH 27.02: Living Stone: Sculpture in Early Modern Italy - Kassler-Taub (2A)
ARTH 38.01 x ASCL 70.01: Sacred Architecture of Asia - Hockley (10)
ARTH 40.04 x LACS 30.09: Mexicanidad: Constructing and Dismantling Mexican National Identity - Coffey
ARTH 48.05: Satire: Art, Politics & Critique - O'Rourke
ARTH 62.20 x ASCL 62.08: Modern and Contemporary Korean Art - Kim
Advanced Seminar: The Viral Image: Early Modern Prints - Kassler-Taub (10A)