Rosenthal Lecture

The annual Angela Rosenthal Distinguished Lecture addresses topics across many disciplines, honoring Angela Rosenthal's multi-faceted sphere of interests.

Angela Rosenthal

As a lasting tribute to Angela Rosenthal's memory and her many outstanding contributions to the discipline of Art History, to eighteenth-century studies, to gender studies, we her colleagues at Dartmouth have created the annual Angela Rosenthal Distinguished Lecture. Each year the Department of Art History, collaborating with others at Dartmouth, will identify and invite exciting scholars and/or practitioners who will offer a public lecture. The lecture will speak not only to the ways in which Angela sought to enliven Dartmouth’s intellectual environment by organizing academic events of all kinds, but also to her trans-disciplinary interests. Thus, the annual lecture will address art historical topics, but will also seek to explore the territory between her discipline and other intellectual formations, such as those represented at Dartmouth by Women's and Gender Studies, African and African American Studies, Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies, Native American Studies, and Studio Art.

We all miss Angela every day. We are pleased to announce this annual event that will speak to her legacy. We hope that it will, especially with the passage of time, be not only an opportunity for remembrance, but also celebration.

Should you wish to contribute to the fund, you can send a check to Janet Terp, 6045 Wentworth Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755 USA.