Publishing and Freelance Writing

Publishing and Freelance Writing

These jobs involve working at (or for) a publishing house, possibly even one with an interest in subjects related to the arts.

Requirements include:

1. B.A.; M.A. or Ph.D. are useful but may not be necessary

2. Knowledge of foreign languages often is needed (translation skills)

3. Amount of research required will vary with the position. For a copy editor, none; for an editor, some; for a writer, a lot.

4. Significant involvement with people

5. Business and/or graphic design skills along with good writing skills are useful or essential, depending on the position. Possibility of freelance work.

Freelance writing jobs include writing positions in art criticism, art history, art-related travel, etc.

Requirements include:

1. B.A. in art history; advanced degrees may help open doors.

2. Knowledge of foreign languages may be necessary

3. Research skills are necessary

4. Some involvement with people; a writer also may need to be aggressive in obtaining assignments or marketing work.

5. Excellent communication and writing skills

6. High tolerance for economic uncertainty