As Curator of Visual Resources, I would like to thank the following people who have helped to create and nurture the Visual Resource Image Collection (VRIC) in its many phases.

The image collection, like the slide collection that preceded it, was shaped by the efforts of Elizabeth O'Donnell, former Curator of Visual Resources in the Department of Art History. Her 39 years of service to the department and her dedication to the Visual Resources Association, the International Association of Image Media Professionals constitute an outstanding record of achievement. Her programming design is still at the heart of the Visual Resource Image Collection (VRIC).

I am also grateful for help received from others: Steven Dyer, former Assistant Curator, VRC; Susan Bibeau and Robien Wymans of Dartmouth Arts & Humanities Resource Center; Richard King of Dartmouth Application Infrastructure and his team; Paul Merchant; and John Wallace of Dartmouth Research Computing, as well as our student employee Nicholas L. Brown '15.

Jud Wolfskill and Michael Schwarz of The Support Group, Inc., provided essential design and tech support services. Michael's design skills and attention to detail helped ensure the VRIC database is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We deeply appreciate the active support and encouragement of the Department of Art History and the Office of the Dean of Faculty.

Finally, my thanks go to Lys Weiss, current Assistant Curator, for her enthusiasm and dedication on this adventure.

Janice Chapman Smarsik