Points of View

Hood Museum of Art  January 04, 2016, through March 13, 2016

The works of art in this exhibition, arranged in pairs, offer contrasting positions by artists on a variety of themes: men and women, the family, war and human suffering, landscapes and seascapes, images of others and of the self. Each pair is accompanied by a single question intended to provoke further questions about the artists’ individual approaches to their subjects: From what points of view (literal, emotional, intellectual) does the artist look at his/her subject? Is the artist’s stance celebratory? honorific? critical? a form of protest? In what ways does the artist communicate this to the beholder? Art history professors Joy Kenseth and Mary Coffey curated this exhibition in conjunction with their course Introduction to the History of Art II, a survey of art and architecture from 1500 to the present.

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art and generously supported by the Harrington Gallery Fund.

Curated by Joy Kenseth, Professor of Art History / Mary Coffey, Associate Professor of Art History / Amelia Kahl, Associate Curator of Academic Programming